OCL Team

J.D. Zamfirescu-Pereira, director, is a technologist and serial prototypist. He holds computer science and engineering degrees from MIT (BS and MEng), and has developed products and services at large and small companies. J.D. also developed the communications infrastructure underlying EtherPad, an early web-based text tool enabling real-time collaboration, yielding two patents; in 2009, EtherPad became a part of Google Wave.

In 2011, J.D. started award-winning educational program Workshop Weekend, bringing together makers to share skills and help inspire the next generation of thinkers and builders. J.D.’s focus within the program is the pedagogy of computation.

Margaretha Haughwout MFA, director, is a senior lecturer at California College of the Arts and the Science and Math Coordinator within Critical Studies. Margaretha teaches programming and electronics courses and draws connections to legacies in conceptual art, collaboration and the history of cybernetics. Her personal and collaborative artwork explores the intersections between technology and wilderness, digital networks and the urban commons. She has been awarded numerous grants for community based work in San Francisco, and Margaretha’s personal and collaborative artwork has been exhibited Internationally.

Michael Shiloh, director, is Associate Professor at the California College of the Arts where he teaches electronics, programming, robotics, and mechatronics. Trained formally as an electrical engineer, Michael worked for various consumer and embedded engineering firms before discovering a passion for teaching. Michael also prefers applying his engineering skills to creative and artistic devices rather than consumer devices. Michael frequently lectures and speaks at conferences and universities worldwide.

Michael has collaborated with Survival Research Labs since 1995, assisting in designing, building, and repairing very large art machines, and participating in over 15 shows worldwide.

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