Hacker Hours this Fall

Join us for Hacker Hours this Fall!

San Francisco:
Sept 26, Hybrid Lab, 3-5pm
Oct 05, SF Library, 12-3pm (MUSE Carts tours available)
Oct 31, Hybrid Lab, 3-5pm
Nov 02, SF Library, 12-3pmĀ (MUSE Carts tours available)
Nov 28, Hybrid Lab, 3-5pm
Dec 12, Hybrid Lab, 3-5pm

Wednesdays, Digital Fab Lab RM 305 Founders Hall (inside the Animation facility), 11:00 to 2:00

Hacker Hours, hosted in the Hybrid Lab, the CCA Simpson Library in San Francisco, and in Oakland are set times for students and faculty engage in collaborative learning related to ongoing programming and/or electronics projects. Hacker Hours allow students and faculty to research, experiment with and develop tools and infrastructure for collaborations. At Hacker Hours, collaborators can form teams, pitch ideas and support each other’s projects over time.