Faculty Workshop in August

The Open Collaboration Lab had a successful two day workshop in August outlining goals for the year. Faculty explored possible collaborations between classes, tools that are useful for and that facilitate collaborations, open source practices, and we had wide ranging conversations about what makes for successful collaborative work.


Conversations emerged around possibilities for faculty collaborations, collaborations between advanced electronics and sculpture, and ideas for a series of recommendations to CCA for how to support and evaluate collaborations in and between classes.


In attendance were Faith Adiele, Writing; Kyle Chan, Fashion; Mia Feuer, Sculpture; Margaretha Haughwout, Critical Studies; Barney Haynes, Fine Arts; Dena Molnar, Hybrid Lab; Graham Plumb, Interaction Design; Michael Shiloh, Critical Studies; J.D. Zamfirescu-Pereira, Critical Studies.

Thursday August 25th
11 – 11:30p: Sandwiches / early lunch

11:30 – 2p: Introductions, Vision & Goals for Open Collaboration

Introductions 15 mins [MH]

  • Bridging disciplines, goals for this workshop

What is OCL (vision and goals) 15 mins [JDZ]

  • Vision, goals, history, Welcome to the Hybrid Lab

Questions 15 mins [MS]

  • What kinds of guiding questions about collaboration can we develop?

Lay of the land 30 mins [BH]

  • Tools for collaboration, collaboration as social strategy
  • Art and Technology
  • Making technical collaboration more accessible/ possible
  • Discussion: What kinds of collaborations have you done in your classes?

Discussion: Have you done any technical collaborations? What are your takeaways, successes & failuresWhat are your visions and goals? How would you like to see collaboration in your classes or with their students? 45 mins [JDZ]

Close 15 mins

  • Things you might think about for tomorrow:
  • What might a technology based collaboration look like in one of your classes?

. . .

Friday August 26th
11 – 11:30a: Coffee and Tea
11:30 – 2p: Group-wide brainstorming session & Strategies
2:00 – 3p: Lunch
(MUSE Carts tour)

3:00 – 6p: Breakout groups, develop curriculum, course support
6:00 – 8p: Dinner and drinks
free porns